Erik and Jackie first met two years before dating. Their mutual friend, Lisa, was involved in the Queens community theatre scene with Erik and Jackie often came to see performances and cheer them on. It was not love at first sight, the first couple of times they met they barely shared more than some formal "hello's "and "how are you's?"

Then in 2016 Jackie auditioned to be Lady of The Lake for a production of Spamalot, of which Erik was Directing. They worked together for four months, and for much of the process Jackie was frustrated with "The Director" and his character development and scene building. Then after the show had closed, a mutual attraction started to develop....Jackie told Lisa that she was "curious" about Erik. 

Their first date was supposed to be on Friday, November 19th, but Erik had to reschedule for Monday, November 21st. Erik was late, but he showed up with flowers! All of the restaurants he wanted to take Jackie for dinner were closed. Erik threw a hail-mary and took Jackie to London Lenny's (Queen's premiere Seafood restaurant), little did Erik know that Jackie didn't like seafood. As she ordered a cheeseburger, Erik felt terrible. (Not a good start). Erik came into their second date very nervous and felt he needed to really impress Jackie. It's fair to say that Erik did most of the talking in hopes of redeeming himself.  

By two months into the relationship, Erik had traveled to Vermont to ski with Jackie and friends, knowing that this was a necessary skill to have for dating a Moe. On that trip Erik also met Jackie's sister Kristy, and got the stamp of approval from the big sister. Over the next 8 months Erik and Jackie grew from being friends, into being something very special, bonding over their mutual love for Harry Potter, Friends (the TV show), Theatre, board games, friends, family, and new adventures. 

Erik and Jackie moved in together during the summer of 2018, and Jackie and Tucker learned how to share the apartment and Erik.  They took their first international trip that Fall, and got engaged on March, 2nd 2019. Erik and Jackie are not only best friends, they are also two people who equally support and love each other, and are so excited to head into the next great adventure together!